5 Things to keep in mind when buying Shoes!

Shoes maketh the wo-man, or so they say. I never find I can have too many shoes! But sometimes it feels like all I am doing is replacing my sleek ballerinas or trendy boots. If you too find yourself constantly replacing your beloved flats after few months or weeks of use, its time to re-strategize. I have combined 5 pointers you should keep in mind when you head out to make the next big splurge!

1.Don’t Skimp on the Price: Probably the most important tip is to always invest in shoes. Excusing the one-offs¬†that you buy just because; workwear shoes and the likes are enhanced only by their quality. Basically, do your research before you buy a pair of expensive shoes.


2.Embellishments: Details, details, details! Its all about the small details. Shoes with beadwork or embellishments will generally have a shorter lifespan. Although its hard to keep a tab on these details when you purchase them. Some footwear will give away its flaws right away. So, keep an eye out for that.



3.Read Up!: If your vice of choice is internet shopping, then reviews should be your best friends. Read as many as possible until you’re¬†satisfied with what you’re getting. Also, if there is even a slight doubt in your mind, always make sure those pretty pairs come with a ‘free returns’ tag to them.


4.Stitching: The outside stitching should be as inconspicuous as possible, and be concealed from the top to the bottom of the dress shoes. Stitching along the soles should be well-hidden under the channels cut within the soles.


5.Soles: You can tell a lot from the soles of your favourite heels. For example, a well-made shoe will never have glue sticking out of the edges. Not even during its last few days. Brands tend to save money by applying a shabby layer of glue to keep the sole stuck to the top. Be wary of this when you set out on your next spending spree.



Like anything else, treat them with love and care, they will last a long time. Even though we live in a highly disposable world, it doesn’t mean everything has to be. Try by opting for carefully crafted shoes over cheaper alternatives to ensure you are comfortable always.

Do let me know your tips for buying shoes in the comments below!



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